Why undertake a Training Needs Assessment (TNA)?Training Needs Assessment

A Training Needs Assessment (or Training Needs Analysis) provides a benchmark from which all learning will be based.  Linking the results to a role based skill matrix will provide a valuable appraisal / staff development tool.  Utilising a Traning Needs Assessment when developing a customised training program will save time and money.

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you:

  • embarking on a training programme?
  • wanting to know the skill level required for each role?
  • wanting to identify the skill level of our staff?

If the answer is Yes to one or more of these questions, we strongly recommend the completion of a Training Needs Analysis by all staff members.

On completion, we summarise the results in a training matrix which is used to develop a customised training programme.  Various methods to carry out the TNA can be utilised.  Once we have discussed the different methods to carry out the TNA, together we will select the method(s) which are applicable for your situation..

A TNA provides a benchmark from which all learning can be based and provides a valuable appraisal and staff development tool especially when linked to a role based skill matrix.

Completion of a Training Needs Assessment will provide:

  • A list of technology skills required for each role and each individual
  • An indication of individual training requirements for their role
  • A base to develop customised learning paths for each staff member

What are the outcomes of a Training Needs Assessment?

  • Focused learning
  • Productive learning
  • Inspired staff members
  • Increased productivity
  • Efficient use of time
  • Staff development records