Microsoft Office Training and CoachingOur simple and no-nonsense approach to Microsoft Office training and coaching is well known.

This ensures:

  • Learning is relevant
  • An enjoyable learning experience for staff
  • Staff we work alongside feel at ease
  • Staff are able to achieve their full potential
  • The part we play in a project has a successful outcome

We take techno speak and turn this into plain English.

Our team have over 20 years of  Microsoft Office training and coaching experience, and use the software daily.  We are passionate about supporting people in their desire to save time and to get the most out of the software tools they use.

Hardly a day goes by when were haven’t been told how easy and enjoyable we make learning or hear comments such as “I wish I knew this last week, it would have saved hours of time”.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Courses | Presentations

Short, focused Microsoft Office training courses enable you to learn in segments and let you apply your new knowledge instantly.

Courses are scheduled on request and are suitable for individuals, people returning to the workplace or businesses wanting to up-skill their staff.

Short courses are available for:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Windows.

More often than not, staff are not aware of the new time saving or amazing features of new versions of software.  Our interactive 45 min – 1 hr presentations are the perfect way to introduce staff to new functionality and ideas or as a refresher.

Other options for training include ‘Quick Byte’ sessions lasting no longer than 90 minutes, half /full day training sessions or floor-walking support.


We work with you on an individual basis to develop a  training plan that will meet your exact needs, then support you through your learning via hands-on training sessions utilising relevant practical exercises.

Quick gains are made with coaching as it focuses on an individual’s needs.



LinkIT Group have played key roles in many upgrade and new installations for Microsoft Office and business applications.  We have worked in a large range of business sectors including local government, health and transportation within New Zealand and Australasia.  The roles we have undertaken have been varied and because of our flexibility and skill sets on many projects or small assignments one role has morphed into another.  Our skills include:

  • Team management
  • Development of training strategies
  • Instructional design
  • Template development
  • Facilitation
  • Coaching and mentoring team members
  • Documentation
  • Room and booking co-ordination
  • Go-Live | follow-up support
Professional Development

LinkIT Group - INFProfessional Development

LinkIT Group  partners with Infinitus® to offer uplifting professional development including:

  • Culture
  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Presentation & Communication
  • Wellness
  • The Customer Experience

Infinitus® will work with you to build an uplifting customised solution for your professional development needs.  They believe that customised professional development has the propensity to change corporate culture and uplift entire organisations.  To be really effective, professional development must uplift participants.

Infinitus® works on the principle that if people genuinely enjoy the learning experience and gain tools they can use daily, they are more likely to implement a behavioural change. So at the heart of everything we do is a mission to ‘make it uplifting’!