LinkIT Group delivers a range of technology focused services to assist staff in the workplace.

Template Development | Training | Documentation.

A simple approach enables all staff to fully benefit from the available IT tools and software.

  • Template design and development  saves time and money and allows staff to concentrate on the content of a document.  The branding of the organisation is always maintained.
  • Training and coaching ensures staff are using the tools to their advantage.
  • Documentation of your procedures or creating a knowledge base provide an internal reference for all new and existing staff.

We have a passion for ensuring all staff are successful and thrive on supporting staff throughout their learning journey.  When working with staff at all levels in an organisation we welcome the opportunity to pass on our knowledge.   Our learning environments are supportive, relevant and motivating.  Our key philosophy is to empower staff to reach their full potential.

Providing productivity tips and tricks are always provided to anyone we are working alongside.  Regular comments are “I wish I knew this last week, it would have saved me hours of time” or “The feature you showed me last week, has saved not only me but also my team a lot time”.

LinkIT Group is a team of dedicated, experienced, multi-talented professionals with over 20 years experience who are serious about ensuring the part that we play in any program is enjoyable, focused and aligned to the individual business that we work alongside.

An uncomplicated approach always results in improving the motivation and skill level of employees.

A consistently high quality of service, our professionalism and reliability exceeds expectations.  Recommendations have resulted in business opportunities in a large range of industry sectors including Health, Local Government, Transportation, Manufacturing and Retail.   Our experience and skill set has lead to involvement with both specialised and off-the-shelf software applications.


Angela Beddek

Angela Beddek | Template Development | Training | Documentation

“I have a passion for helping people reach their full potential.  Supporting staff through their learning process, or developing templates or reference material to make the every day task easier and quicker is really rewarding.”

Angela has over two decades of experience in managing teams, project management, developing, implementing training programmes and technical writing.

Her ability to quickly adapt to changing environments, grasp new systems and solve problems is noted.

A background in implementing new software and hardware solutions, introducing order and discipline into companies’ operations, documenting workflow processes, and mentoring staff has given Angela a broad range of networking, application and business knowledge.

LinkIT Group